• 120 php

    Moisturizing skin refiner and balancing emulsion with purifying and softening effect for clear skin.
  • 18 php each

    Foam cleanser for dry skin with rich lather and moisturizing effects.
  • 18 php each

    Daily texture care serum makes skin feel smooth and moisturized by removing dead skin cells with plant-derived malic acid and enzymes.
  • 15 php each

    An eye sleeping mask moisture, revitalizes, and brightens skin around the eyes by taking care of puffy eyes in the morning with the massage.
  • 150 php

    A special overnight care lip treatment that lets you wake up to smoother, softer lips. Delivers moisture deep within the skin with hyaluronic acid. Leave lips looking fuller and silkier.
  • 45 php each

    Foot Sleeping Mask makes rough feet caused by stubborn dead skin cells feel smooth and moisturized.
  • 150 php

    A jelly overnight mask that draws in serious moisture, leaving skin looking plumped and glowy~. Moistures and revitalizes skin as if you have a good night's sleep for 8 hours!
  • 65 php each

    Strengthen and retains long-lasting moisture. Infused with Hydro Ionized Mineral Water.
  • 200 php

  • 270 php

    The Laneige fresh calming line seeks to empower skin to soothe and moisturize. Let's go back to the basics with uncomplicated steps to regain a healthy, rosy complexion. It's time to unleash the sparkling beauty in you!* For customers aged 20-25yrs old and who have oily skin that lacks moisture, the moisture soothing line soothes skin and restores skin's balance with refreshing moisture.